Environmental, ecological and project development consultancy based on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.

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Atlantic58 (formerly trading as Western Isles Marine and Environment) is an environmental, ecological and project development consultancy based on the Isle of Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides.


Founded in 2015 by Laura Carse, a Chartered Environmentalist, the company provides a range of environmental and planning support services across both the onshore and marine environment.

Our wide portfolio of projects are focused mainly within the Western Isles.  As a result we have developed extensive local knowledge - not only of the unique environment and ecology of the Hebrides - but also the wider consenting, licensing and development setting for small to major projects.  

Through both our in-house experience and a network of associates, the company can support projects ranging from small community initiatives to large scale and complex EIA developments.  Partnerships with mainland consultancies or developers seeking ‘on-the-ground’ support in the Hebrides are particularly welcome.



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North Uist

DATE: April 2019 - Ongoing

CLIENT: Comhairle nan Eilean Siar

Joint project management with a partner consultancy to deliver a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)  for a suborbital rocket launching facility in North Uist. 

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Environmental Impact Assessment

Over fifteen years’ experience in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), with specialist knowledge in renewables (offshore and onshore developments) and aquaculture.  Our local knowledge, in situ base, network and skills are well placed to provide valuable project management and survey support for complex EIA projects.

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Stakeholder Consultation and Management

Experienced in delivering the legal consultation obligations to support planning applications for major developments. We can also support with general stakeholder engagement and public opinion gathering.  


Environmental Surveys

We undertake surveys and source a range of high-quality specialists with extensive knowledge and experience of working in the Hebrides, many of whom are locally based.


 Support can be provided for ornithological, vegetation and mammal surveys in addition to habitat management plans, peat restoration plans and ecological enhancement opportunities. 


Our network of subcontractors and associates covers the full range of EIA topics including specialist disciplines.   

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Global Information Systems (GIS) and Mapping

To complement environmental analysis, our GIS services provide mapping and spatial analysis services to integrate, interpret and add value to environmental data.

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Ornithology Surveys, Analysis and Reporting

In-house survey capability for vantage point, breeding bird and species-specific surveys.  We partner with our highly respected associate, Atlantic Ecology to provide turnkey ornithological advice and assessments based on high quality survey data, local knowledge and experience.

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Ecological Surveys

We can provide Phase One Habitat Surveys, National Vegetation Classification Surveys (NVC), Groundwater Dependant Terrestrial Ecosystem analysis and otter surveys. 


Ecological / Environmental Clerk of Works

ECoWs ensure developer obligations are met in terms of planning conditions and environmental good practice during the construction period.  We are currently building capacity to provide this service by Summer 2022, with accompanying accreditation to the Association of Environmental Clerk of Works (AECoW).

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Consultancy / Client Collaborations

We are continually building our in-house skills and assessing opportunities to extend our services.   If we do not have a particular skill set to support a client, we will always attempt to source skills from our network of contacts and associates.

We can also provide ‘on the ground’  support for  developers or other consultancies delivering large projects, and can offer on-site or other ad-hoc services including peat probing, environmental sampling, and even landscape photography.

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